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Roofing Advisors understand the power of information and how it relates to the successful management and decision making in regard to roof assets. The key to confident budget minded decision-making lies with accurate information.

With this in mind, Roofing Advisors have developed Roof Manager, an industry leading web-based service, created by us to provide our clients 24-hour/7 days a week access to a protected, individual portal. Roof Manager is designed to allow building owners, asset managers and management companies the ability to easily access and quantify roofing information and financial budgets associated with their portfolios.

Utilising Roof Manager, both the client and Roofing Advisors are armed with accurate information that allows confident, prioritised performance-based decisions to be made to maximise the effectiveness of roofing investments. 

Commercial and industrial markets have demanded longer term guarantees for new roof installations which often incorporates independent Insurance backing. This requires ongoing annual visits to ensure the terms of the guarantee are being adhered to and that there has been no interference/damage by 3rd parties during the term of the guarantee.
To maintain guaranteed cover, it is mandatory that a rigid inspection / maintenance regime is initiated to conform with the terms of the Guarantee. Failure to follow this regime could render the guarantee invalid.

The results from the survey will be uploaded to your secure portal for easy access and storage. Thereafter, a plan can be agreed, managing any capital spend.

Services Included but not Limited to:

  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Full detailed roof condition survey
  • Immediate, intermediate and long-term requirements with budget costs​
  • Overall maintenance plan
  • Warranty management
  • Roof Manager web tool access, collates and stores your roof reports and maintenance visits
  • Roof access and safety system control
  • Recertification testing records of existing safety lines securely stored for ease of access

When you become a member of Roof Manager, you will not only receive a complete overview of your roof, you will receive peace of mind and a guarantee that the information and recommendations are the best solution for you. 



  • An industry leading roof management programme
  • Secure access to reports, previous works, project budgeting, photographs, recommended repair plans
  • Comprehensive understanding of your roofs current condition
  • Pre preventative maintenance anticipates potential problems that occur as a result of seasonal recurrences
  • Extend the natural life of your roof, minimising the need for costly repairs
  • Spread the costs of roofing upgrades.
  • Peace of mind from a company who are members of the NFRC, Constructionline, CHAS and Safe Contractor.

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