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Roofing Advisors


FACILITY: School Sports Pavilion

LOCATION: Edinburgh

SERVICE: Re-roofing & structural roof reinstatement


Full roof strip and replacement following substantial fire damage internally and externally to the roof structure and feature cupola.

Reinstatement of structural timbers damaged in the fire.
Construction of new cupola using historical photographic reference including all detailed leadwork.
Built up flat roofing systems to dormers. Decoration of timber and building exterior.


During the consultation period, much consideration was given to ensure that the building retained its historical character. Significant design decisions were made to return the roof to its former glory, replacing the previous roof (bituminous felt shingles), with clay Rosemary roof tiles which best matched the original roof construction, with detailed finishing to the hips.

A major challenge for us was replacement of the cupola as sadly the fire damage was beyond repair. However, working closely with the architect, we successfully constructed a replacement cupola close to the original design, using historical photographs and the charred remains as reference. Fortunately, we were able to salvage and restore the original ship weathervane, a piece of historical significance and the crowning glory of the building.

Working through winter months and a tight schedule was also challenging, and due to the extent of the damage, we implemented extra measures to ensure no further water damage occurred to the damaged interior.

In addition, the building forms part of George Watson’s school, therefore liaised regularly with school authorities to ensure normal school actives were not disrupted.

The completed roof looks outstanding and with credit given to the skilled workforce ensuring this historic building has regained its former glory and will continue to be an integral part of the school for future generations.



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